One simple prayer for you to pray today.

There’s this great little story in the book of Mark in the New Testament of the Bible. It’s about an encounter Jesus has with a blind guy by the name of Bartimaeus. In the story, Jesus is going to Jericho when they come across this guy who seems to be making everyone uncomfortable. This guy heard that Jesus was coming and started making a racket about it. Initially, people around him tell him to shut up, but Jesus is intrigued and tells his disciples to go and get him.

What’s funny is that when Bartimaeus stands in front of Jesus, he’s probably noticeably blind, but Jesus asks him, “What would you like me to do for you?”

I imagine there would have been some sniggering in the crowd at Jesus saying that, but I love the dignity Jesus affords him in the question. Anyway, Bartimaeus replies that he’d like to see, and Jesus heals him. Simple.

A few verses before this story, there’s an account of two of Jesus’ disciples. They’re called James and John, and in the story, they’re asking for something as well. In the passage, James and John approach Jesus and ask him to do something for them.

They say, “Jesus, we want you to do anything we ask!” Jesus replies, “What would you like me to do for you?” and then it gets interesting. They say, “Let one of us sit at your right and the other at your left in your glory.”

I swear, when I read their question, I can’t help but think of my big brother and me trying to convince my parents to do something we know they won’t agree to:

“So Jesus, we’ve been chatting it through, and we reckon that it would be amazing if when you come into your kingdom, my esteemed colleague James and I could be right with you by your throne… Just imagine it, we’d be so cool and helpful, and you’d love it too. We’d be like three amigos forever!”

What I find interesting about this interaction is that Jesus tells them no. It’s pretty unremarkable, but Jesus usually says yes to people, right?

Just think about it for a moment. We’re allowed, even encouraged and invited to bring everything in our hearts and minds to God. It says so in Philippians 4:6

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”

Go ahead, ask God for whatever you like. An endless supply of Chocolate, a big old house in the countryside even. Just don’t be surprised if the answer’s no.

Here’s the thing, and I think this is pretty wonderful. God invites us to a living relationship and encourages us to communicate. Brilliant right? But to the person wise enough to ask for sight… Whoa, that person is in for a treat!

Go ahead. Don’t be anxious. Thank God for all he’s done, and then ask for the kind of sight that will help you to see.

“Thank God for all he’s done, and then ask for the kind of sight that will help you to see.”

Maybe you’re the kind of person who struggles to understand people or situations clearly. You might be going through something which would benefit from some clarity. Either way, come to God and ask him to show you what the most important things are. And of course, feel free to chat to me about it below. If you enjoy my blog, you can even purchase my book, available using the link below.

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