One simple way to respond well when someone is rude to you

I’ve come to the conclusion that I could waste ten thousand words encouraging people who struggle to communicate to help them improve themselves. Unfortunately, they’re unlikely to read them. More often than not, it’s the individual hurt by a problematic interaction that comes looking for help. In any case, if you’re struggling with communication, you might not be aware.

So, whether you’re the hurt person or the moron (as my old Dad would say), I want to offer one simple idea, which you can implement when someone is rude to you. Ready?

Talk about it.

That’s it. Don’t react, don’t fight, don’t take to your keyboard or phone screen. Find someone who’s kind, that you respect, someone wise, who will ask questions that will help you calm down and let it go. That same person might also help you work on the way to confront the person at a different time. 

And here’s why you need that wise, external person to talk to. Chances are, by the time you get to them, you will have let it go. Also, chances are you’re not going to find yourself in the same situation again but still need to vent in a safe place. And finally, you need someone wise around because if you do have to deal with a moron regularly, you’re going to need help!

Why not take a moment to consider who your wise person might be? Why not send them this post, and encourage them that it made you think of them. 

See you soon


p.s. If you’re enjoying this little series, you might also enjoy my book. People tell me it’s an enjoyable read 😉

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