One simple encouragement about your money

There are very few things that can cause more stress, more arguments and deeper lies than money. If you struggle with your finances, even this sentence will feel difficult to cope with, but I want to be completely honest with you in a quick little post with one simple truth, that you’re not alone.

What I need to tell you is that I struggle with money. Ever since the very first moment I had independence, I began to fail. Overspending turned into overdrafts, which transformed into loans. My problem wasn’t gambling or alcohol. My problem was the simple lack of understanding, which made me wish I had a bigger secret. The shame of simple stupidity made me hide for years, and when my wife and I had kids, it got even worse. Now I’m a stupid parent too!

Fast forward twenty-two years since my first finance gaff, and nearly eighteen years of marriage, I can honestly say to you that I’m still learning to prioritise how we spend and save our money. We’re more confident than we were, but we’re not perfect.

I want to say to you today that you’re never in so much debt that it can’t be sorted out one way or another. You’re not stupid if you don’t understand. You’re not a failure if you can’t budget. And most importantly, there will never be a day when money isn’t difficult to cope with. 

“…you’re never in so much debt that it can’t be sorted out…”

But don’t be discouraged; the good news is that if you make a positive step today, you’re doing about as well as me, which is just about as good as everyone else. You’re no better or worse. 

We’re all the same. We’re struggling on, trying hard to afford celebrations. Trying to make sure we have enough money to fix things that break, fighting back against a tide of subscription services we can’t seem to do without, always looking forward to the day when we feel like we’re winning.

I’m afraid I don’t know precisely how every country in the world works, but if you’re in the UK, there’s an organisation called CAP. If you call them, I promise you they’ll listen. There’s probably even a CAP centre near you 🙂

0800 328 0006

May you find a little peace of mind today in whatever you’re trying to cope with right now.

Have a great day


At the end of my blogs recently, I’ve publicised my book Stuck in the Mud: Stories of hope for when you’re stuck. If you’d like to receive a signed copy of the book, you can enter by commenting on this post and liking it on the word press site. The people who like & post a comment will be entered and I’ll announce the winner on the 24th October.

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