How can you relieve stress in 2022?

Do you feel like 2022 is out to get you? I certainly do!

So far this year, I’ve had two extremely unjust parking fines, a boiler issue, a broken spring on my wife’s car and a broken washing machine… Not to mention the price hikes on everything! I’m also aware of many essential family gatherings and celebrations we have to attend and work we need to do on the house. Sometimes it all feels like it’s too much.

Before Christmas, I was talking about stress with a mentor of mine. We were going through an incredibly challenging time, and I was struggling to get perspective. The funny thing about the conversation was that although the situation was a complicated mess, the answer to the pressured stress element was as simple as it has ever been.

He said to me, “What do you do to unwind, to relieve stress?” I must admit I was a bit annoyed to be talking about unwinding because I wanted to focus on how to solve the issue and wasn’t ready to let go of any of the turmoil. I think I mumbled something childish like, “I don’t know.” But I did know. When everything is too much, and it feels like things are going wrong, I lay on my bed in the dark.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not sulking. I think I get a bit of sensory overload, and the soft bed in the dark and the quiet, centre me ready for the next challenge. Sometimes I’ll even get in front of the stress and go for a quick lay down in between work things.

You see, life will always be difficult, and things will always go wrong. But peace of mind isn’t only found in perfect resolution. Peace can also be grabbed in small moments to reduce the stress you’re experiencing, enough for you to fight another day.

At the beginning of January, I wrote about the worth of resolutions and new beginnings; then, I wrote about letting go of outrage. But as we venture into February, I want to inspire you to embrace finding moments of peace.

It’s a long battle; let your strategy be to figure out how to experience peace. Why not take a minute now to consider how you can best inject a moment of peace in to your day?


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