Bench: Part 2 – 8 ways to know you’re in need of renewal

There aren’t many situations I can think of when someone experienced restoration without first feeling broken. In a recent blog post, I talked about the feeling of brokenness, and I think this post perfectly partners it. You see, recently I had to rebuild my bench after it fell apart. It served us well for two years as a bench, but the rain, snow, wind and sun had taken its toll so much that one sad day it just gave up. The truth though, is that even chipped, snapped, sun-damaged and cast to the side, it still really wasn’t that broken. It just needed some love and a bit of renewal. 

Bench: Part 1 – The Power of Delight

Recently I built a bench in our garden. It’s a bench that’s made from our old king size bed frame. Louise and I bought that frame when we first got married, and when we finally changed frames I couldn’t just throw it away. I was actually going to but when I lifted the back section,…