Reflecting on unplugging

Back in November, I wrote a piece that I recently felt I needed to revisit. It’s called “5 ways to feel more connected with your life”, and in it, I wrote about reducing the amount you plan to achieve each day. There are also points about simplifying your life, connecting more with people around you, investing in your family, and going deeper with Jesus.

What’s going on with our youth workers? A Conversation with Jenni Osborn

Jenni, let’s assume that our colleagues and people we serve are reading this conversation between us. What do you find the main challenges are in the lives of youth workers? Is it the workload? A lack of understanding of Interpersonal relationships? Is the that they’re ill-equipped? What’s going on?

Justin Bieber’s Youth Leader: Part 3

There are so many reasons why I want to shine a light on these guys, but you need to take notice of Tonight is the Night because it speaks directly about good mental health.

Justin Bieber’s Youth Leader: Part 2

I’m not suggesting that Justin just perfectly encapsulates the entire message of what it means to be Holy, but for young people, this is as good a place to start as any.

Bringing the inside: Out

Have you ever watched that Disney film, InsideOut? It made me cry like a baby, but that’s not this is all about. There’s an interesting thing about that film. I want to talk about today. You see in the film InsideOut; each character has a set of people who represent emotions living inside their brains….

We made a game for you! Introducing ‘Thirteen Hearts’

This isn’t traditionally what I’d be posting on my blog, but in these strange times, I figured, why not! Exactly one week ago I sat in our kitchen with my eldest daughter and we talked about how we could create a game which doesn’t require an app but that people could use to connect over…

Justin Bieber’s Youth Leader: Part 1

I can’t believe I’m about to write this. But there’s something important about Justin Beiber’s journey which we need to talk about. And we need to talk about it because his journey mirrors the journey of so many of our own young people.