Lucifer & The Ultimate Enemy: Part 4: The Problem with People

I’ve loved writing this blog series about The Satan, but If you’re coming to this instalment with a fresh pair of eyes, there are a few things we’ve covered already you should go over first. In a biblical sense, an enemy or someone in opposition to you is traditionally called ‘a’ Satan. Understanding something like…

Stuck in the Mud is out today!

Framed around twelve real-life sticking points in John Prockter’s life, this book offers us hope in a faithful God and a pathway through difficult times. John encourages us to engage with Scripture in a new and inspiring way, allowing Jesus to bring the freedom we all need to live our lives authentically.

Frank yet approachable, Stuck in the Mud? is an ideal guide for those wanting to engage in the ups and downs of discipleship.

My first book comes out this week!

I’ve been talking about it for ages now but It’s finally here! Stuck in the Mud: Stories of hope for when you’re stuck is will be available to buy from this Friday, 22nd January. (Unfortunately, the release date is April if you live in the states. You may be able to buy it this month…

Lucifer and the Ultimate Enemy: Part 3: The Enemy Within

I’ll never forget the rush of adrenalin I felt when I ran my finger through the icing on a cake my Mum had made and planned to sell. I can’t have been more than eight, and my Mum was doing a great deal of catering at the time. On this particular day, she’d made something…

Why do we mourn when celebrities die?

The truth is that our investment of time and resources have a magnetic pull on our heartstrings. It would be impossible to spend time and money on something and not develop real emotions about it.

Bench: Part 2 – 8 ways to know you’re in need of renewal

There aren’t many situations I can think of when someone experienced restoration without first feeling broken. In a recent blog post, I talked about the feeling of brokenness, and I think this post perfectly partners it. You see, recently I had to rebuild my bench after it fell apart. It served us well for two years as a bench, but the rain, snow, wind and sun had taken its toll so much that one sad day it just gave up. The truth though, is that even chipped, snapped, sun-damaged and cast to the side, it still really wasn’t that broken. It just needed some love and a bit of renewal.