Reflecting on my ‘Conversations with’ series.

I’ve been reflecting on what I think I’ve learnt from this process. It’s true that I’ve enjoyed myself immensely, and learnt some interesting things, but more than that I think I’ve learnt that if you ask someone a meaningful question… You might just receive a meaningful answer.

Autism and me: A conversation with Philip Ives

I didn’t have to change how I viewed myself, how I did things, or who I was as a person. It was just easier to understand and accept myself for who I am: An Autistic Person. Rather than a Person with Autism which suggests Autism is bad or as if I’m ‘suffering’ from Autism.

The significance of your name: A Conversation with William Thompson

My heart for this book is that it prompts big questions to form in the heart of the reader. Questions that simply may not be being considered, let alone asked without it. We are more than a sack of cells trying to survive from nothingness to nothingness. In the expanse of eternity, we have been created in love for a purpose.

God set eternity in our hearts: A Conversation with Colin Piper

If you know me well, you’ll probably have heard me use the phrase, “an old mentor of mine used to say…” followed by some semi-relevant wisdom. More often than not, the old mentor I’m talking about is a man by the name of Colin Piper.  Over the years Colin and I have done a lot…

The Art of Serenity: A Conversation with Marie Briggs

Hi Marie,  I’ve been writing a series of blog posts in the form of letters with people I’ve known and love from my career as a youth worker. The idea is that I write a little intro, and ask you a couple of questions and then the blog goes wherever the conversation goes!  Marie: “Well,…

The art of working where you live: A Conversation with Chris Smith

You’re a hero mate! And what you’re saying is precisely why I wanted to write this with you. It’s all very well people like me moving in for a few years, and I hear what you were saying about a fresh pair of eyes and vision, but there’s nothing that can trump the impact of someone who lives locally, and loves their community.

Top 5 tips on how to journal: A conversation with Kim Wigley

When you work in one specific field for as long as I have, you tend to meet a long list of people who come back into your life from time to time. I guess that’s true for all walks of life; still, It always surprises me how many people keep crossing my path from years…