One simple way to respond well when someone is rude to you

I’ve come to the conclusion that I could waste ten thousand words encouraging people who struggle to communicate to help them improve themselves. Unfortunately, they’re unlikely to read them. More often than not, it’s the individual hurt by a problematic interaction that comes looking for help. In any case, if you’re struggling with communication, you…

One simple thing to do today to make a real change in your life

You’ve probably seen several blog posts like this before. A catchy title and then a piece of advice you already instinctively knew. Well, today, I hope you’ve come to this blog ready to find some movement in your life because I want to encourage you to commit to one simple thing, which will make all…

One simple prayer for you to pray today.

There’s this great little story in the book of Mark in the New Testament of the Bible. It’s about an encounter Jesus has with a blind guy by the name of Bartimaeus. In the story, Jesus is going to Jericho when they come across this guy who seems to be making everyone uncomfortable. This guy…

A time for celebration

As I sit here writing this, it’s the 11th June and England will play its first match in Euro’s on Sunday. By the time you’re reading this, we might have been knocked out; of course, there is a slither of hope we might make the final which, If I’ve done this right, is tomorrow! If…

Lucifer & The Ultimate Enemy: Part 4: The Problem with People

I’ve loved writing this blog series about The Satan, but If you’re coming to this instalment with a fresh pair of eyes, there are a few things we’ve covered already you should go over first. In a biblical sense, an enemy or someone in opposition to you is traditionally called ‘a’ Satan. Understanding something like…

Reflecting on unplugging

Back in November, I wrote a piece that I recently felt I needed to revisit. It’s called “5 ways to feel more connected with your life”, and in it, I wrote about reducing the amount you plan to achieve each day. There are also points about simplifying your life, connecting more with people around you, investing in your family, and going deeper with Jesus.

Reflecting on my ‘Conversations with’ series.

I’ve been reflecting on what I think I’ve learnt from this process. It’s true that I’ve enjoyed myself immensely, and learnt some interesting things, but more than that I think I’ve learnt that if you ask someone a meaningful question… You might just receive a meaningful answer.

Autism and me: A conversation with Philip Ives

I didn’t have to change how I viewed myself, how I did things, or who I was as a person. It was just easier to understand and accept myself for who I am: An Autistic Person. Rather than a Person with Autism which suggests Autism is bad or as if I’m ‘suffering’ from Autism.

The significance of your name: A Conversation with William Thompson

My heart for this book is that it prompts big questions to form in the heart of the reader. Questions that simply may not be being considered, let alone asked without it. We are more than a sack of cells trying to survive from nothingness to nothingness. In the expanse of eternity, we have been created in love for a purpose.